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Milton Damerel Parish Council


Milton Damerel Parish Council

Parish Clerk: 

Mrs Lorraine Buttery,

3 Sunset Heights, Shebbear, Beaworthy

EX21 5BN.                                        01409 282956




Councillors:     Stephen Moyse (Chairman)          01409   261151


                       Richard Piper (Vice Chairman)    01409   261114

                       Grace Millman                            01409   261251


                       Rose Haynes                                       01409   261577


                       Gareth Piper 


                       Jim Richardson                                    07866406977


                       John Webb                                          01409   261301




Milton Damerel Parish Council usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

at 7.30pm in Milton Damerel Parish Hall.


Agenda for meetings is displayed on the notice boards no later than the Thursday before a meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend but the public are not permitted to take part in discussions,

however time is set aside early, on the agenda of all meetings, for public comments.



Recent Agenda and Minutes of the Parish Council can be seen on this website.

Any request for information under the Freedom of Information Act

should be sent to the Parish Clerk.

(Some information can be made available by email free of charge,

paper copies will be charged at 10p per A4 side)

Parish Clerk: Mrs Lorraine Buttery
3 Sunset Heights, Shebbear, BEAWORTHY, Devon. EX21 5BN