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There are currently five Watch schemes operating in the Parish, having been re-established in the Spring of 2007. Most of the Parish is now covered, centred on the areas of Strawberry Bank, Gratton, Whitebear & Forestreet, Venn Green and most recently Gidcott. Holsworthy Beacon is currently without a co-ordinator to look after their hamlet. The scheme is overseen by the local policing team beat manager and we have a nominated PCSO who are our main day to day contact. We appreciate that many properties, especially the farms, are in isolated locations but never-the-less feel that households will benefit from the messages which the police and ourselves send out from time to time.

Whilst it would be nice to automatically enrol every household as a member, we are a self funding organisation and members have therefore to elect to join the schemes and to comply with the Data Protection Act. The police are not able to provide financial assistance, but with the Home Office, who drive and monitor the schemes, provide information leaflets to go in the membership packs which are issued to all new members.

The aim of a watch scheme is “to increase the awareness of crime, without increasing the fear of crime”. Devon and Cornwall are amongst the safest places in the country to live, but unfortunately crime does still happen. The public plays a vital role in helping the police to reduce crime by providing valuable information and making it difficult for criminal activity to take place. In rural areas like Milton Damerel it is not usually local people that commit criminal activity but people from outside the area travelling in to commit their crimes. Therefore by noting details of unfamiliar vehicles seen parked and/or acting strangely in the area, these can be passed on to the police for further investigation.

For further information, or if you would like to join (there is no membership fee), please contact your local co-ordinator:
Strawberry Bank                          Roger Copp                     01409 261681
Gratton                                          Edgar Pett                         01409 261277
Whitebear & Fore Street            Edgar Pett                         01409 261277
Venn Green                                  Mike Jackson                   01409 261196
Gidcott                                           Anne Hamilton-Clerk      01409 261303

Local Policing Contact

PCSO 30099 Raquel Rowe:

All may be contacted at Holsworthy Police Station - 01409 259461 - for admin purposes but crime
reporting must be on 999 for emergencies or 101 for all non-emergency contact.

We are also part of Torridge District Neighbourhood Watch who have their own website at:



Useful Telephone numbers - PDF download